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Social and Political Communication

We cannot talk about a political or social activity without the communication factor. But any communication process or any communication specialist can replace the lack of the real POLITICAL or SOCIAL activity.
The messages and the slogans that dominate in the mouth of thousands or millions of people are been written by the hand of a brilliant communication specialist?

Were a “Eureka moment” in an advertisement office or a graffiti on the wall at a corner of the world, hided there until they found their realization in today. The slogan “Altogether we can” is it ours or a shout that heard from some guy in a social gathering or a social activity, written by the “anonymous communication specialist”?
In this ending our company has its small contribution in slogans and messages as “Our main interest is Humans”, “the unemployment is not just numbers, it’s people”, “That’s enough…”, “Padlock!”, “From the field on the shell”, “We buy Greek”, “We are now champions”, and many more.